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American Council of Engineering Consultants of Florida (ACEC-FL/FICE)

Welcome to the American Council of Engineering Consultants of Florida (ACEC-FL)

Message From the President

Peter M. Moore, PE, LEED AP
2018 ACEC-FL President

Politics abounds as the breakneck 60-day session of the Florida Legislature began last week. With all the upheaval thanks to inappropriate behavior, it may get lost in the clutter that in addition to the requirement of passing a balanced budget, there are huge issues in education, hurricanes and safety to consider. The Engineering Community is tracking several bills, but prominent issues include the composition of the Florida Building Commission, the Procurement Task Force, Deregulation (not of engineering), needed changes to our licensing law and many others. 

I highly encourage everyone to attend Florida PE Legislative Days to learn about all these issues and how you can participate in the process. The main hotel room block has sold out, but there are other rooms available in Tallahassee, so please take advantage of the January 23rd registration deadline and book via the Advocacy heading on our newly revamped website.

Speaking about National Politics, you may have also heard a little bit about tax reform over the last few weeks. If you haven't, particularly for pass through businesses, you will want to count your lucky stars that ACEC, our National Organization has the clout that they do. Please check out this course on January 17th to learn more -

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