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American Council of Engineering Consultants of Florida (ACEC-FL)

Welcome to the American Council of Engineering Consultants of Florida (ACEC-FL)

Message From the President

Peter M. Moore, PE, LEED AP
2018 ACEC-FL President

From an actuarial standpoint, 70% of millennials are expected to be centenarians, meaning they will live up to or into the 22nd century. The defining moment in the lives of American Millennials was the economic collapse of 2008, where they saw fortunes wiped out and the bad practices of the banks, car makers and the like rewarded with government bailouts. All of this while they are exposed to ever expanding technology and a level of hyper-sensitivity socially that will punish them for one misplaced tweet for the rest of their lives. And we thought that we grew up under pressure.

Those were a few of the thoughts discussed by the two speakers, Steve Schmidt and Tucker Carlson, at one of the General Session Luncheons at the 2018 ACEC Annual Convention and Legislative Summit. The pairing, one a commentator with MSNBC and the other with Fox News, started with the notion that disparate opinions have a place, need to be shared and that you don't have to get angry over someone else's differing opinion. The discussion reached far further than that, though, putting together the overall concept that it is high time we have important conversations that impact us all - especially the younger generations that will have 100 or more years to deal with the outcomes we decide today.

I wrote previously about the wonderful technology of automated vehicles - and received many replies with the pedestrian death in Arizona. I looked at the footage and I'm not sure a human driver would have avoided that accident, but I agree that technology needs to improve. And it will improve. Sea level rise, the student loan debt crisis and the unintended consequences of the automated vehicle technology are conversations that we need to be having now. We need to think about what unites us and not what divides us, because it is time for us to be "adults" and get back to the important issues.

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