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Timothy P. Brodeur, PE
2016 FICE President

Welcome the spring! The weather has been favorable this year and with a wet winter the water resources are not as overly taxed as they normally are with irrigation demands for lawns and gardens.

FICE boards are meeting this week, April 14-15 in Tampa along with the FELI class. Next week our members travel to Washington DC for the annual ACEC conference. At that time, we will report on our progress with dropping the sustaining membership category per our by-laws change to be fully compliant with ACEC. All sustaining firms will become members of ACEC this year for free for the transition and will have reduced payments the next few years to ease into the ACEC full membership.

Next month, the FICE Transportation Conference takes place on May 12th and 13th in Orlando. With attendance on track to surpass last year, you don't want to miss this event. (The full article can be read in the FICE Update.)

ACEC/PAC is the primary weapon in our industry's political arsenal to help elect candidates to office who support pro-business, pro-engineering positions.  ACEC/PAC is bipartisan and operates out in the open in full compliance with the Federal Election Campaign Act and applicable state laws. Supporting political programs like ACEC/PAC is the best thing we can do to make sure engineering firms have a voice at the table when key decisions are made affecting our future.

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4th Annual FAV Summit
Tampa Marriott Waterside Hotel
November 29-30, 2016

Hosted by the Florida Institute of Consulting Engineers (FICE)
Registration Coming Soon!