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FES Journal Advertising

By advertising in the FES Journal, you will reach over 3,200 professional engineers, the countries largest engineering firms, and an estimated 20,000 monthly pass-along readers, including public works directors, city and county engineers and other key government decision makers. 

  • Annual Directory is a special issue that acts as a comprehensive reference tool for our members. This 137-page guide lists Charter and Bylaws, Board of Directors, FES organizational structure, NSPE Code of Ethics, Practice Sections Divisions, directories of members listed by chapter and individual, continuing education information and more. This invaluable tool may be used by our members all year long.
  • Contractors/Suppliers - Advertisers offer piping service, equipment, maintenance and repair services, paving products, electrical equipment, etc.
  • Professional Services Guide - Advertisers offer professional services, including or closely related to engineering, architecture, surveying, laboratory, research, planning, photogrammetry, etc.
  • Professional Index - Matrix listing ensures that your firm will be easier to find by area of practice
  • Online Advertising - Special advertising opportunity available with any contract. Get listed on the FES web page with a "hotlink" to your company's web site for only $365 additional for the entire year.

Download the FES Journal Media Kit.

Display Advertising

Email a display ad to Kathy Roland.

Black/White Display Ad Rates 

Annual Directory**
Back Cover
Inside Front Cover
Inside Back Cover
Full Page
2/3 Page
1/2 Page
1/3 Page
1/4 Page
1/6 Page

*3x, 7x, 12x frequency discounts to be take within 12 month period  
**The Annual Directory is the same as the December issue, not included with non-member subscription.  
Preprinted material, 1/2 oz. maximum, stitch-bound. Prices on request

Frequency Rates: Contracts are for 1, 3, 7 or 12 insertions per year, or 24 in 2 years (1/4 page or larger). Frequency discounts (when applicable) supersede special Annual Directory rates.

Color Rates: Four color process, $785/page. Cyan, Magenta, or Yellow, $360/color. Spot color counts as four-color process.

Billing: Payments are due within 30 days of publication. Late payments are subject to a 1-1/2% finance charge per month. 15% Agency Fee.

Size Specifications for Display Ads: 

Width x Height (inches)
Full Page - No Bleed
7.5" x 9.875"
Full page - 1/16" Bleed
8.625" x 11.25"
4.875" x 9.875"
7.475" x 5" OR
3.625" x 9.875"
2.32" x 9.875" OR
4.875" x 4.5" OR
7.5" x 3.25"
3.75" x 5" OR
4.875" x 3.25"
2.32" x 5"
2.32" x 2.5"

Ad Preparation: Design, typesetting, color separations, layout are provided at cost +18%

  • Space Reservations: The 1st of month prior to month published (FES Directory reservations due October 17)
  • Digital Artwork: The 10th of month prior to month published – 300 dpi tif, jpg, eps or PDF (FES Directory artwork due October 24)

12-Month Professional Services Guide
(Business Card) Advertisements:

Single 2.29" x 1.2" $455 
Double 2.29" x 2.4" $775 
Triple 2.29" x 3.625" -or-
7.24" x 1.2"
Quad 2.29" x 4.93" -or-
4.8" x 2.39"
$180 for Dot Matrix - lists areas of specialty

Note: Professional Directory amounts are for 12 continuous months (no refunds available for broken contracts).Back To Top

Classified Ads

Text Rates: $80 for the first twenty (20) words and $2.50 for each additional word. Includes website listing from date of contract to end run date of magazine. CLASSIFIED DISPLAY RATES see display rates above. Email a classified ad to Kathy Roland.

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Online Advertising

Special advertising opportunity available with any 12-month contract. FES web page listing with a "hotlink" to your web site for only $365 for an entire year. Color and gif welcome. Call for rate on banner advertising!Back To Top

2017 FES Journal Editorial Calendar

January Volume 70, Number 5
Automated Vehicles

February Volume 70, Number 6
March Volume 70, Number 7
April Volume 70, Number 8
May Volume 70, Number 9
Land and Resource Use
June Volume 70, Number 10
July Volume 70, Number 11
August Volume 70, Number 12
FES Annual Report
September Volume 71, Number 1
Impact of Technology on Society in the 21st Century
October Volume 71, Number 2
Alternative Project Delivery
November Volume 71, Number 3
FES Student Chapters Take Over
December Volume 71, Number 4
Annual Directory (Members Only)

All issues contain messages from the FES President, Professional Services Guide and Matrix, Calendar of Events, FES Seminars, and Display and Classified Advertising.

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