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Samantha Hobbs

Department: Government Affairs and Executive Policy - Director
Title: Director of Government Affairs and Exec. Policy
Phone: 850-224-7121

Responsibilities Include:

CCNA Educational Program Coordinator
Charter and Bylaws Committee
Commission on Legislative and Government Relations (CLGR)
Conservation and Environmental Quality Committee (CEQ)
Constructed Environment Committee (CEC)
Consulting Engineers Legislative Council (CELC)
FES Board Meetings
FES Energy Committee
FES Executive Committee
FES Leadership Advisory Committee (Chapter ACE Award)
FES Nominating Committee
FES/ACEC-FL/FICE Annual Professional Engineer Legislative Days
ACEC-FL/FICE Board Meetings
ACEC-FL/FICE Energy Committee
ACEC-FL/FICE Executive Committee
ACEC-FL/FICE Nominating Committee
ACEC-FL/FICE Planning and Bylaws Committee
ACEC-FL/FICE Professional Practices Committee
ACEC-FL/FICE Structural Committee
ACEC-FL/FICE Transportation Committee
ACEC-FL/FICE Water Resources Committee
Legislative Coordinator
Professional Concerns Committee (PCC)