Volume XIX Number 3 November 2009

Sia Kusha, PE, F. ACEC  

Daylight Savings, Halloween, Thanksgiving, fall is really upon us…

And with it, political jockeying in Tallahassee and across the country.   We just saw two major gubernatorial campaigns in New Jersey and Virginia; congressional and mayoral races across the country and depending on your political stripe, today is either a really good day and can foretell of good things to come next fall, or will cause you concern as to whether hard fought gains of a year ago are beginning to erode.

Regardless, we all showed up for work today, are still worried about the $3 billion hole in Florida’s next fiscal budget and the impact of this hole on our business.  In addition to worrying about funding, we need to continue to be vigilant about protecting and strengthening CCNA.   CCNA is so critical to our industry that during the last FICE Board of Directors’ meeting, the Board unanimously voted to continue its support for CCNA and agreed that FICE as an organization should and would do whatever it took to defend it.

As we begin to look closely at how our legislature will address the budget shortfall, we can’t lose sight of the current discussions in Tallahassee.  Unlike last year, there won’t be any federal ARRA funds to help us balance the budget, and contrary to what you might hear between now and when the legislature begins its work in earnest, there is no way to cut three billion dollars out of the state budget without  further drastic cuts to a wide range of programs.   The key here is that before too long we need to address the revenue side of this equation.   This is where you come in.  Your personal relationships with your elected representatives will be essential in our attempts to raise the level of conversation, which will be needed to address our problem.   After you’ve done all you can at the home front, please plan on joining us in Tallahassee next spring to formally and officially carry the message to the hill during our legislative days.  Finally, if you’re not a member of CELC, please consider joining.

Lastly, I’d like to encourage you to review the latest FICE Board of Directors’ meeting notes that will be in this issue of the Update and share them with your colleagues.   These notes should provide a great insight into what your Board is involved in.  

As always, I want to reiterate we can use and need your counsel.  Please feel free to contact me, Frank or any other member of your Board of Directors about any issue you believe merits our attention.
Thanks for all you do, happy belated Halloween, happy Thanksgiving and see you on the front lines

The Florida Institute of Consulting Engineers extend our deepest sympathies to all those affected by the November 6th tragedy at the RS&H Orlando office. We especially send our condolences for Otis Beckford, and prayers for the speedy recovery of G. John Hornbeck, PE, Guy Lugenbeel, Edward Severino PE, Keyondra Harrison, and Ferrell Hickson PE. We are reaching out to their families. If there is a specific need that we may provide, we will inform you. In the meantime, please keep our brothers and sisters in your prayers.



FICE Board of Directors Executive Summary
The Board is moving forward with the development of a FICE Policy Council, reviewing ACEC's recent changes to dues cap index, and  supports ACEC's sustainability initiative with APWA. The Board is partnering with the Florida Engineering Foundation to seek  
grant funding and to execute programs relating to K-12 engineering education. FICE will also be appointing ACEC PAC Chairs to assist in  raising $50,000 for Florida.
      During the last legislative session, the Board learned that Chapter 455 was amended which states that if you are or have ever in  the past been convicted of a crime, you have to report it to your Licensing Board immediately. FPBE has determined that they will write rule that creates a category of citation for those in violation. The citation will be issued by staff and would then put the engineer in compliance with the new rule changes, since it would constitute their Licensing Board taking disciplinary action.
      The FICE Board will not pursue changes to the Statute of Limitations and is against the creation of a separate SE License. The  FICE Board passed a motion, that in support of the leadership at FDOT they will approach the legislature to amend statute 337 for design- build procurement in order to make sure ATC's stay out of sunshine law requirements, until such time that the contract has been executed  with the winning team. Further, the FICE Board of Directors are against Best Value Bidding and stand behind CCNA.
      Lastly, the FICE Board approved membership for Clark & McCarthy Engineers, PA, DEC Engineering, Analytic Engineering Inc., and  McVeigh & Magnum Engineering Inc.
Transportation Committee Executive Summary
At the October meeting, the transportation committee received a legislative update on the two new state senators – Jon Negron and John Thrasher.  The committee also discussed the statute of limitations and errors & omissions policy.  The subcommittees reviewed the PEDDS & electronic delivery system, the consultant grading system, the mentor protégé program, new specifications for as-builts and the local preference issue.

PR Committee Executive Summary

At the October meeting, the public relations committee meeting reviewed its goals and objectives in relation to the direction of FICE president Sia Kusha.  These objectives include promoting professional ethics, being proactive with industry legislative issues and tracking items related to personal professional liability. The committee also discussed the 2010 Engineering Excellence Award competition, the annual FICE awards and the ACEC of Florida scholarship. The FICE Annual Directory will be restructured this year because of funding constraints, and the annual salary survey will not be produced in 2010, also because of funding issues.


GMEC Executive Summary
The Committee has met twice so far this administrative year. Plans are already underway for the 2010 GMEC Conference scheduled for May 6-7, 2010, at the Hilton in the Walt Disney World Resort. A selection of high-quality technical presentations will be featured as well as an expanded exhibit show.

2010 FELI Class
The Leadership Institute Steering Council is pleased to present the class for the upcoming Florida Engineering Leadership Institute. The upcoming program will be co-chaired by Danielle Slaterpryce, PE and Jim Horton, PE.

Class of 2010:
Henri Belrose, PE - Wantman Group
Thomas Conboy, PE - Palm Beach County
José Costa, EI - Nodarse & Associates Inc.
John English, PE - WilsonMiller Inc.
Partha Ghosh, PE- GCME Inc.
Aniruddha Gotmare, PE- Jacobs Engineering Group Inc.
Richard Harrison, PE - Kisinger Campo & Associates Corporation
Bruce Hasbrouck, CEP - Faller, Davis & Associates Inc.
Jack Haynes, PE - Reynolds, Smith and Hills Inc.
Frank Hickson, PE - Infrastructure Engineers Inc.
Bassel Kassem, PE- SAI Consulting Engineers I
Stan Keely, PE - Neel-Schaffer Inc.
Chris Lory, PE - PBS&J Turnpike
Joseph Mecca, PE - Kimley-Horn and Associates Inc.
Marco Montes De Oca, PE - AECOM
Scott Parrish, PE - Dunkelberger Engineering & Testing Inc.
Walfrido Pevida, PE- C3TS
Xynthia Rodriguez-Hughes - KCI Technologies Inc.
ChadRucks, PE - South Florida Water Management District
Eric Saggars, PE - HNTB Corporation
Hamid Tabassian, PE - Jacksonville Transportation Authority
Gerardo Traverso, PE- KCI Technologies Inc.
Truong Anh Trinh, PE - EAC Consulting Inc.
Michael Trudnak, PE - Taylor Engineering Inc.

There are additional seats remaining.  Please contact Dee Kring at dkring@fleng.org or 850-224-7121 for more information.

2010 PE Legislative Days
February 16-17, 2010
Tallahassee, FL
Hosted by the Florida Engineering Society and the Florida Institute Consulting Engineers. For more, click here.
    As a member of FES/FICE and a participant in our grassroots political program, direct communication with your Senator and Representative will complement the work of your professional FES/FICE lobbyist at the Capitol. This year’s key issues include: Limitation of Liability, CCNA and Scope Creep of other Professions.
   Team Leaders needed for Legislative Visits. We will be grouping appointments into FES Regions. Each group will consist of 5 engineers who will visit several Legislators in their region. This group setting will give newcomers a chance to "learn the ropes" while seasoned citizen lobbyists will have the chance to mentor. Please consider being a mentor, as we still need volunteers. Click here to download the brochure.

If a member firm or licensed engineer within a member firm knowingly violates CCNA, FICE believes you may be in violation of Chapter 471, rules and regulations.
2009 CCNA Letter Catalog


Job Seekers…
The resumes of highly qualified individual members of FES who are currently seeking employment are linked below. FES members who are interested in including their resume in the Job Seekers section of the ‘FICE Update’ and ‘FES Enginews’ should send their resume to Anne Wilson (
awilson@fleng.org).   |
To locate a Professional Engineer,
click here.

Legislative Tool Kit – Available Now
Members are urged to begin educating and re-establishing relationships in personal meetings with their legislators.  Talking points on 2010 legislative issues as well as contact lists can be found at http://fleng.org/legaff.cfm.



Land Development Projects Needed for Special Engineering Inc. Feature
ACEC will highlight four Member Firms and their land development or land reclamation projects in the January/February 2010 issue of Engineering Inc.

If your firm has provided surveying, geotechnical or other site development services for a developer, and you think the project would be of interest to Engineering Inc. readers, ACEC would like to hear from you. The project can be in an on-going phase or recently completed.

To submit a project for consideration, please e-mail the following information to Engineering Inc. Staff Editor, Andrea Keeney, at akeeney@acec.org by Monday, November 16: Project Specifications >>



Important Step Taken in Procuring Fix for Tampa Bay Reservoir
The Tampa Bay Water Reservoir in Florida has received a lot of attention because of cracking in its innermost erosion-control, soil-cement layer. Though the reservoir remains operational and safe, the cracking poses a long-term maintenance issue for the water supply utility. In June, Tampa Bay Water?s Board of Directors approved a resolution to fix the cracking soil-cement, erosion control layer and procure the renovation with a competitive process. Full Story >>

St. Pete Beach is proof positive that Amendment 4 is not designed to give the people a say on growth. It is designed to give anti-growth lawyers another legal avenue to stop commonsense progress, even when voters approve it. Full Story >>



Ardaman & Associates Inc. is nearing completion of a $100,000 task order under its continuing services contract with the City of Orlando for threshold inspection and materials testing services for Orlando Fire Station No. 1. Aptly named “The Big House” the new $16 million fire station is the largest in the southeast. For more, click here.

MACTEC has been awarded a fourth consecutive five-year contract, value of which is estimated to be between $25-30 million at current operating levels by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to operate the Clean Air Status and Trends Network (CASTNET), a nationwide ambient air quality and meteorological monitoring network. For more, click here.

Broward County recently awarded the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) Expansion of Runway 9R/27L project to the team led by PBS&J and RS&H. The project, an ambitious, $810 million capital improvement effort, is significant because it involves the complete reconstruction of the south runway at FLL. For more on this >>

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has awarded the joint venture of PBS&J and URS Corp a contract to assist the agency in providing temporary housing and mass care solutions for disaster victims. The five-year contract, known as Individual Assistance Technical Assistance Contract (IA TAC), has a maximum value of $375 million to the joint venture. For more,  click here.

Wantman Group Inc. is pleased to announce their selection by Palm Beach County to provide professional engineering services for the Jog Road Extension from SR 710 to Northlake Boulevard. For more,  click here.



Bowyer-Singleton (BSA) announces that Scott Stearns, PE, Assistant Director of Civil Engineering, Nicole Stalder, PE, Project Manager, and Kevin Hebert, PE, Regional Office Manager (Jacksonville), have achieved Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design Accredited Professional (LEED AP) accreditation in the specialty of Building Design + Construction. 

Calvin, Giordano & Associates has announced the formation of an Administration, Redevelopment and Urban Design Division. For more,  click here.

Chen and Associates’ employees assisted Habitat for Humanity of Broward with the construction of four homes. Full Story >>

Collins Engineers Inc. is proud to announce Michael Heron, PE (shown right) as the new Regional Manager of the firm’s Orlando office. Full Story >>

E Sciences Inc. has been named one of three Outstanding Small Businesses in the medium-size category by the Orlando Business Journal  during its 25th Annual Golden 100 event recognizing the region's largest privately-held companies.
       E Sciences is also pleased to announces that it will open a new Miami office to serve a growing clientele in Miami-Dade and Monroe counties. Located at 815 NW 57th Avenue in Miami, the new facility will be led by senior scientist Gisele Colbert.
      E Sciences organized its bi-annual community service, and will assist Seminole County government's greenways and natural lands division.         

FIGG and Reynolds, Smith and Hills Inc. received top honors in AASHTO 2009 America’s Transportation Awards.  The Florida-based firms were recognized on October 25th at the AASHTO Annual Meeting in Palm Desert, CA. Full Story >>

McKim & Creed has launched MoDaC™, a state-of-the-art mobile data collection system that features the OpTech LYNX™ mobile scanner. This makes McKim & Creed one of the few firms on the East Coast to offer turnkey mobile scanning services. Full Story >>
     McKimm and Creed is also pleased to announce that Blake Peters, PE  (shown left) has joined the company’s Sarasota office as a project engineer.

Miller Legg is proud to have received a design award from the Florida Nursery, Growers and Landscape Association. Full Story >>
       Miller Legg was recently recognized at the annual conference by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) for its continued support of the Young Members of ASCE.  Project Engineer Angelina Rosenberg, PE, (left) was installed as President of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Broward Branch; and Eric Czerniejewski, PE, Associate and Senior Engineer was installed as Vice President of District One of the ASCE Florida Section.

The PBSJ Corporation announces the appointment of three new members to its board of directors. Full Story >>   

Vince R. Briones, PE, LEED AP, (shown right)  has earned a Commissioning Process Management Professional (CPMP) certification from the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) Full Story >>

Gregs G. Thomopulos, PE, (shown left) Chairman & CEO of Stanley Consultants, was elected President of the International Federation of Consulting Engineers. Referred to as FIDIC, (the acronym stands for the French version of the name) the organization represents globally the consulting engineering industry. This marks the first time in over a decade that a U.S. citizen was elected president of the organization.  It is a position that only three other Americans have held in FIDIC’s nearly 100-year history. Full Story >>

STV/Ralph Whitehead Associates is pleased to announce that Erik Siebert joined the Jacksonville office as a project engineer.

Wade Trim Project Manager Clayton McCormack and Construction Manager Mike Rice (shown right) dig in at the groundbreaking ceremony. Full Story >>

WilsonMiller is pleased to announce that John P. Maloney, PSM was promoted to Regional Business Unit Manager for Surveying – Lower Southwest Florida. Ted Aiken, PE was promoted to Regional Business Unit Manager for their Transportation Planning and Design Division of Northwest Florida. Full Story >>
    Michael English, AICP, Vice President at WilsonMiller, has been appointed to FSU’s Newly Developed Coastal and Marine Laboratory’s Board of Trustees. Full Story >>
    WilsonMiller is pleased to announce that the Academy of Board Certified Environmental Professionals has recognized Michael Burton of their Palmetto office as a Certified Environmental Professional (CEP).
Full Story >>



FICE Advanced Work Zone Traffic Control
Location:  Jacksonville Marriott, Jacksonville
Dates:  January 12-14, 2010
20 PDHs of Technical Engineering Credit

Course Prerequisite
One year of experience in work zone traffic control or one year being responsible for work zone traffic control plan development.
The Florida Department of Transportation requires that engineers and project level personnel with responsibility or authority to decide on the specific maintenance of traffic (MOT) requirements pass a certified 20-hour advanced training course and test in work zone traffic control.
For more information and to register online, please click here. 
FICE Advanced Work Zone Traffic Control
Location:  Marriott Tampa Waterside
Dates:  February 16-18, 2009
20 PDHs of Technical Engineering Credit

Course Prerequisite
One year of experience in work zone traffic control or one year being responsible for work zone traffic control plan development.

The Florida Department of Transportation requires that engineers and project level personnel with responsibility or authority to decide on the specific maintenance of traffic (MOT) requirements pass a certified 20-hour advanced training course and test in work zone traffic control.
For more information and to register online, please click here. 
Lunch & Learn Webinar
Excelling as an Expert Witness – Tips and Strategies from a Technical Perspective
November 19, 2009
12:00 pm – 1:30 pm (EST)

For more information and to register, please click here.

Lunch & Learn Webinar: The Real Leadership Challenge-
Getting & Maintaining Peak Performance and Winning at Sales
December 3, 2009
12:00 pm – 1:30 pm (EST)

Individuals interested in realizing more of their potential as a leader and sales generator should plan to attend.

• Learn the Formula for Success - what you never learned in school
• Simple Seven Step Process to reach all your business and personal goals
• How you can learn more effectively and teach others for maximum retention
• Consider whether your sales activities are reaching the anticipated results
• Create a sales attitude

For more information and to register, click here. 



5 - 7 FELI Class of 2010, Session I Grand Hyatt, Tampa
9 Low Impact Development for Stormwater Management Design - Webinar
10 Annual Conference Steering Committee Conference Call
10 Lunch & Learn Webinar: Storm Pipe Design, Installation and Inspection
19 Lunch & Learn Webinar: Excelling as an Expert Witness – Tips and Strategies from a Technical Perspective
26 - 27 FES/FICE Offices Closed
7 - 9 FELI Class of 2010, Session II Hilton Walt Disney World, Orlando
12 - 14 FICE Advanced Work Zone Traffic Control, Jacksonville
12 Annual Conference Steering Committee Conference Call 10am EST
14 FICE Transportation Committee Meeting - Orlando
15 2010 FES Fellow Membership Nomination Deadline
15 2010 NSPE Mentor of the Year Award nominations to be received at FES Headquarters.
15 Florida MATHCOUNTS Committee Meeting, Orlando (Hilton Orlando Altamonte Springs)
19 - 20 Mutual Gains Negotiation District 4 & District 6, Fort Lauderdale

For full details and registration information, please check the web at www.fleng.org

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