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How Employee Membership in FES Benefits Your Company

Friday, April 19, 2019   (0 Comments)
Posted by: JW Hunter, PE
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How Employee Membership in FES Benefits Your Company

In this article we will explore some of the primary benefits that employers and employees derive from their membership with the Florida Engineering Society (FES).  These benefits range from the tangible (increased employee retention) to the intangible (development of Leadership and personal skills).

First, the employee will gain increased job satisfaction from being an FES member.  If the Company pays the membership dues and encourages the employee to attend meetings and functions, it shows that the employer truly cares about the employee’s career growth and job satisfaction. This support from management is an important part of the employee/employer relationship.  It also creates an opportunity for the employee to “Give Back” to their community through community service and out reach projects.  This can take several forms from MATHCOUNTS, a yearly math competition among Florida’s Middle School students to the Chapter K-12 programs to social outings.  “Giving Back” and community involvement are also important factors for Millennials when selecting a firm and contributes to a large part to their job satisfaction. These outside, non-work related activities provide opportunities for employee and employer recognition, and may be used as part of the employee’s future evaluations and career advancement opportunities.  All of these factors play a key role in job satisfaction and employee retention.

The second primary benefit to your Company is the marketing opportunities created by employees working and interacting with engineers from other firms and agencies. Corporate sponsorship of various activities helps increase the Company’s profile, helps with name recognition and reinforces the Company’s commitment to their employees and careers.  Additionally, networking opportunities are generated by attendance at local, state, and national meetings and conferences.  The relationships developed by the employees can become the cornerstone for future teaming agreements resulting in tangible revenue. Engineers from all disciplines are involved in FES and your employees will learn more about other firms working in the area and statewide.

, membership with FES allows your employees to stay informed and engaged with the Florida legislative process. Through our CLGR committee and PE Legislative Days annual event, FES members are able to interact and promote the engineering profession with our State Legislators. During our Legislative Days, important Bills that promote and protect our engineering profession are championed by all our members as they discuss them with their local legislators. Through this “grass roots movement” our members are able to positively affect changes that not only promote the engineering profession, but protect the health, safety and welfare of the public.

Finally, FES provide multiple opportunities for your employees to obtain Continuing Education credits, often at a discount.  These events are offered throughout the year and include everything from Professional Development Hours to full technical and management seminars along with networking opportunities built into the events. These seminars are offered both in classroom and online environments to help accommodate time constrained schedules.

All of the above benefits help to create a better work environment, which leads to a stronger Company.  It also strengthens FES so that the Society can provide additional benefits to its members, and continue protecting the Engineering profession. Don’t you owe it to yourself and your firm to get your employees involved? Have them join today!

If you have any questions about becoming an FES Member, please go to and click on the Membership tab or call 850-224-7121.

JW Hunter, PE
2018-19 FES President

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