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American Council of Engineering Consultants of Florida (ACEC-FL)

Welcome to the American Council of Engineering Consultants of Florida (ACEC-FL)

Message From the President

Rick V. Baldocchi, PE
2018-19 ACEC-FL President


I am writing this message on American Airlines Flight AA1984 from the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport heading home from the ACEC National Spring Convention and Legislative Conference. There was so much information presented at, what I consider to be, THE premier event for consulting engineers in the USA, it is hard to boil it all down to one short message. I encourage you all to attend one of the National Conferences to experience it for yourself. The next one will be The Fall Conference in Chicago later this year.

As I reflect on all the information presented at the conference, one statement from the podium seems to echo in my memory – UBER IN? or UBER OUT? This phrase was referenced by Mr. Paul Meyer of Tecker International, the ACEC
National Strategic Planning Facilitator. Mr. Meyer was discussing the difference between protecting your status quo, or embracing the future. He noted that he was recently at an event of the American Taxi Cab Association and witnessed a debate about whether or not the organization should allow ride sharing  companies into their membership. UBER IN? or UBER OUT? It reminded me that inside our taxi cab from Reagan to the Marriott Hotel in Wardman Park, there was a sign advertising their service for scheduling and paying for trips on line. Must be reaction to UBER was my thought, so obviously taxi services have noted the change and are changing to utilize the new technology. At least this one cab company seemed to be taking the UBER IN approach.

My next event was the mid-sized firm CEO roundtable. The vast majority of the discussion was about attracting and retaining talent, with particular emphasis on the stereo-typical Millennial that seems to be dominating our new hiring process. It was noted that these individuals typically have a different view of life and what their dream job should offer, and that established companies need to change the way we do business to accommodate this life view. Some of those in attendance were already making subtle or significant changes, while others were holding to the tried and true cultures and philosophies. UBER IN? or UBER OUT?

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