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American Council of Engineering Consultants of Florida (ACEC-FL)

Welcome to the American Council of Engineering Consultants of Florida (ACEC-FL)

Message From the President

Peter M. Moore, PE, LEED AP
2018 ACEC-FL President

For the last couple years, I’ve been fortunate enough to have been asked by my local paper, the Sun-Sentinel, to be one of 100 people that write short (100 word) op-ed pieces on a weekly basis about recent past and upcoming future critical events. When originally asked, I told them that all I would write about will come from the perspective of a native South Floridian, small business owning engineer – and that I’d mostly talk about infrastructure. I’m sure many reading this passage can relate to some or all of those points.

What’s truly amazing about participating in this process is watching my opinion get published on-line (and occasionally on the reserved printed opinions) alongside local politicians, university presidents, non-profit leaders and rap stars (yes, there are a couple of those). What’s amazing, though, is how often I’ll hear from people completely unrelated to our industry thank me for pointing out even the most basic points about infrastructure. It is during those times that you realize that it is the duty of everyone with professional backgrounds to speak up and out about items affecting our greater communities.

Last week, I was published discussing the issue of our time, sea level rise. Regardless of politics or the root cause, when you grew up in an area and over time see the seas rising higher and higher out of catch basins in dry weather, it is hard to dispute that seas are rising. We are past the time for awareness and now is the time for action. Despite that, simply getting awareness out to the greater public is incredibly important, and an unprecedented collaboration between all three major newspapers (Miami Herald, Sun-Sentinel and Palm Beach Post), along with WLRN, the local NPR station, resulted in an awareness campaign called I suggest each one of you check it out.

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