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American Council of Engineering Consultants of Florida (ACEC-FL)

Welcome to the American Council of Engineering Consultants of Florida (ACEC-FL)

Message From the President

Rick V. Baldocchi, PE
2018 ACEC-FL President

The Engineer’s Creed has been widely accepted as a basis for the Code of Ethics that all should use to govern ourselves in the professional practice of engineering. The Creed makes some pretty strong statements in how we, as engineers, should prioritize our values and ideals. The one that has always stuck with me is: “To place the public welfare above all other considerations.”

On face value, this seems like a very simple concept and in many cases the ethical direction is obvious. However, some situations present issues that may not be so black and white as we attempt to follow the statement of the Creed.

As some of you may know, I am an avid bicyclist and put in many miles on the trails and roads in the Central Florida Area. Certainly, the environment is getting better for this activity through the development of bicycle and pedestrian standards by most agencies, the Rails to Trails Program and other sidewalk/trail projects that are being funded and constructed by municipalities, state and federal agencies. The trend is very positive, and coupled with the continued advancement of mass transit, can really make a positive impact to the quality of life of Floridians. Overall, the goals associated with increased bicycle and pedestrian facilities is certainly improving the public welfare.

However, as a community, as we implement and develop these new standards and create these wonderful transportation and recreational facilities, we should also think about the temporary conditions created as we piece together the system. As a cyclist, there is nothing quite as terrifying as having a trail or bike lane on one segment of road, only to suddenly lose it without much (or any) advanced warning. This situation can prove to be very dangerous as the car and bicycle vie for the same space on the open road. It is obvious who will win in this instance.

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