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Governor A.W. Gilchrist Award
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The Governor A.W. Gilchrist Award is presented annually to a member of the engineering profession who exemplifies the spirit, described below, of public service that betters humankind, therefore, bringing honor to the engineering profession.

Albert Walter Gilchrist, for whom this award was named, was by profession an engineer and by further service to his fellowmen a State Legislator, a Speaker of the House, and ultimately, the 20th Governor of the State of Florida from 1909 to 1913. Gilchrist's own life symbolizes the intent of this award.

As Governor, he was noted for promoting the state of Florida nationally and internationally, for improvement of penitentiaries, and for sponsoring legislation to safeguard the health of people and livestock. Gilchrist County was named for him.

Governor Gilchrist was a humanitarian as exemplified by donating much of his estate to founding a Masonic home in St. Petersburg and for other charitable causes. His love for people was in evidence when he initiated Mother's Day in Florida five years before this day became one of national recognition and used part of his estate for ice cream and cake to be given to the children of Punta Gorda each Halloween--a tradition still continuing today.

Basic Criteria

  • Candidate must be a professional engineer registered in the state of Florida who has achieved distinction resulting in substantial beneficial publicity and/or recognition of the profession through public office and/or civic leadership.
  • Candidate must have achieved distinction in their own technical field and mode of practice.
  • Candidate shall be a Florida resident and preferably a member of the American Council of Engineering Companies of Florida (ACEC-FL) or the Florida EngineeringSociety (FES) in good standing.
  • Candidate shall have worked for the professional, civic and technical interests of the engineering profession.

Procedure/Evaluation Criteria


  • Overview: Provide a 1 page transmittal letter and 2 page single-spaced summary of accomplishments for each category. Please use the Nomination form.
  • Transmittal letter: 1 page that includes the candidates and submitter’s name, title, company name, phone, and email address, person submitting the application.
  • Candidate submittal: 2 pages, single-spaced with information listed below.

1. Summary - Describe how the candidate has:

  1. Received beneficial publicity and/or recognition of the profession through public office and/or civic leadership.
  2. Achieved distinction in the candidates’ own technical field and mode of practice. (For example, awards, number of publications, number of technical presentations at industry conferences, participation in updating technical standards.)
  3. Worked for the professional, civic and technical interests of the engineering profession.

For the 3 below categories, provide a bulleted list in chronological order. Include the years/range of years of service and a short description. This information should support the summary.


2. Participation in public office and/or civic leadership
3. Participation in ACEC-FL/FES 
4. Participation in other professional and technical activities and societies, list of awards


  • The ACEC-FL Public Relations Committee shall review each nomination and make its recommendation to the Board of Directors two months prior to the Annual Summer Conference & Exposition. If no qualified nominations are received, a nominating sub-committee will identify worthy candidates of the A.W. Gilchrist Award and recommend them to the Board of Directors. The sub-committee shall consist of the immediate past president of ACEC-FL, a member of the ACEC-FL Public Relations Committee, and a third member, who will be appointed by the ACEC-FL president.
  • A plaque shall be presented to the winner at the Annual Summer Conference & Exposition. In addition, recognition will be provided in the ACEC-FL Update, FES Journal, and press releases to state-wide media.


Submit To:

Chad Faison
ACEC-FL Governor A.W. Gilchrist Award
P.O. Box 750
Tallahassee, FL 32302

Deadline: March 31, 2020


Past Winners

 James A. Ruth, PE
 Arthur Belefant, PE
 John Walker Vogt, PE
 Suheil E. Jammal, PE
 C. Eugene Lent, PE
 William L. Barton, PE
 L. Daniel Fulford, PE
 Ben C. Scales, PE
 James E. Sawyer, PE
 Charles Carlan, PE, P.L.S.
 Herbert S. Saffir, PE
 Richard B. Gassett, PE
 Richard M. Miller, PE
 Charles L. Meister, PE
 John A. Grant, Jr., PE, P.L.S.
 Raymond W. Miller, PE
 Benjamin G. Watts, PE
 Fermin A. Diaz, PE
 David E. Flinchbaugh, PE, Ph.D.
 Senator Winston W. "Bud" Gardner, Jr.,  PE
 John B. Zumwalt, III, PE
 Representative Trudi K. Williams, PE
 Peter J. Sheridan, III, PE
 Lennart E. Lindahl, Jr., PE
 Kimberlee B. DeBosier, PE
2012  Ernest A. “Ernie” Cox III, PE
2014  Representative Lake G. Ray III, PE
2016  R. Bruce Taylor, PhD, PE, F.NSPE
2018  Stephen L. Precourt, PE
 2019 Rick V. Baldocchi, PE